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Bakugou x suicidal reader

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Send to Friend. Share via Email Report Story Hey hey!!! I'm back everyone! Bakugou x Female! Sign up Log in. The refreshing scent of a new home was always cozy. Add to library 33 Discussion Browse more Romance.

His Angel Yandere x Reader Bakugou Katsuki x Reader x Todoroki Shouto. When she first got her quirk, she didn't brag about it, or show it off, so everyone assumed that she was just quirkless.

She grew up alongside her best friend, Izuku Midoriya, trying to protect him from the one and only Katsuki Baku Keyword Suggestions. Bakugou x dying reader Home Bakugou x dying reader. Bakugou x dying reader keyword after analyzing the system lists the list of keywords related and the list of websites with related content, in addition you can see which keywords most interested customers on the this website Search Domain. Bing Yahoo Google Amazone Wiki.

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Cramping while not on period 9.I needed to write some of my own stuff, so here we have some angst, again. Self-harm, so be aware. You had lost count again. How many had you made this time?

Neko Bakugou x listener 18+

How many scarlet lines were decorating your thigh now? You counted. It was You moved the blade above your calf, and pressed it against your skin. It stayed emotionless and cold. You cut the same spot again and again, until it was deep enough so you could see the sides of the wound creating a valley between them.

A pink canyon, where a river of blood ran. The blood dripped out of the wound and down you calf. You just looked at it. You were in a trance like state. The only thing you could focus on, was the blood. You cut another line, so together, they formed an X shape. The blood was dripping down your leg. It felt like your whole mind and body had just shut down, a complete system failure.

That was what you were anyway. A failure, a disappointment, a disgrace. Nobody cared, and nobody really wanted to know. Humans were selfish creatures after all.

They only thought of themselves and their own survival was the highest priority. They never did and they never will. You were in a daze, your surroundings felt unreal. The thing that made your mind return to reality, was someone shaking you. Only now you noticed he was pressing a towel on your cuts. He probably tried to stop the bleeding, even if it was very minor. I need you to stop with this shit.You were in class, it was silent as everyone rushed to finish their work before the bell rang.

You had already completed your work and were distracted by your thoughts. The self-hatred they held was addictive. Suddenly the bell rang and you were shaken out of your thoughts. Bakugou was already standing at your desk waiting for you to snap out of it. He side eyed you and held his hand out for you, you mustered a big smile for him and took his hand.

But today was not your day, it was in fact one of the worst.

bakugou x suicidal reader

You quickly excused yourself to the washroom and dashed down the halls with your nose burning. You were crying, but for what reason? You locked yourself in the stall for a few short moments stopping yourself, telling yourself you had to keep up this positive facade. I just want everyone to be happy, you thought. You smiled, it strained your face but it looked mostly right. There was too much going on for you to burden others with this.

But Bakugou had aided you before, he listened he cared. You decided to venture back to the dorms as fast as you could. You throw yourself at your boyfriend when you see him letting out choked sobs.

bakugou x suicidal reader

With wide eyes he attempted to comfort you, he slowly picked you up in his arms and brought you to his room. He carefully placed himself and you onto his bed and sighed.

His crimson eyes holding sincere concern. You could only feel guilty and shrivel up into yourself. Letting you know he was there. You could only gulp. I really am, I want to be happy. People care about you, so stop holding everything in. In response he only pulls you down under a lovingly soft blanket and wraps his arms around you in a protective way. Posts talk about whatever!You have a prophecy quirk that lets you know when something someone has said will come true or not.

You have never been wrong your entire life. One day Uraraka says something about you and Bakugou your sworn enemy getting married and you hear a very similar ringing noise go off in your head. Originally posted by aishitetsuro. From the moment you and Bakugou met, it started downhill and now it was just Hell breaking loose every time you guys got near each other. You walked up to him, calmly tapped him on the shoulder and you swear you heard him start growling.

Especially not by people who just appeared to be fancy bullies. And that was the beginning of your relationship. You and your classmates were shuffling around in the cafeteria for breakfast before class started. It kept you up all night, knowing it was going to come true. Your quirk had a lot of perks, but it also forced you to carry burdens such as these. Or do you get an extra boner when you make people miserable. Just leave me the fuck alone already.

💗BnHa~write💗 — Bakugou x suicidal!reader (Y/n) : (accidentally...

You now noticed everyone in the cafeteria was staring at you, mouths agape, Bakugou included. Except his mouth was open because he looked like he was about to start screaming. People like you never amount to anything anyway! It was like this on repeat everyday.

Your burning resentment smouldered into a comfortable hatred and you were used to his biting remarks and spiteful insults. You felt bad because at this point you knew, Bakugou only had one dream, to be the best. And you basically told him that his one dream would never come true. One day you were listening to the news again and heard something even more tragic.

It bummed you out and caused your anxiety to act up so you decided to take a break from people that day, especially Bakugou. Trying to avoid his toxic aura at all costs. When it was time to get back to class, two girls stumbled in from 1-A, Uraraka and Asui. A table was flipped. A teacher was called. Bakugou was restrained.

Forget feeling bad.

Semi Hiatus — Bakugou, self-harm and shit.

You hated him. Maybe one day you and Bakugou will be married.

bakugou x suicidal reader

A very familiar ringing noise went off in your head. You felt your heart drop into your stomach.You have been warned. Bakugou was a man of pride. That was certain. Some could say he was in denial. That some would be right. He realizes now, sitting by their hospital bed, that the feelings were there, they were real. He only wished he could realize it sooner. Sooner than a month ago.

He groaned. He turned around and you were lightly running towards him to catch up. He observed as your constant smile fell. You tripped on your shoelaces and fell face first on the ground. Students around you began to laugh.

For some reason, he was slightly angry at them for laughing. He ignored the feeling and scoffed. You got up and approached him. Huh, Ba-ku-chan? Leave me alone, okay?! Your eyes widened, but you kept a smile. It was a sad smile though. You held your bag tightly to your chest, it was a bag that contained your sketchbook. You looked unusually sad today.

No one asked why, because no one seemed to care. The only person to notice was All Might. All Might was somewhat like a second father to you. You had only seen him in his All Might form but somehow he could always tell when you were upset. He helped you out more times than you could count. Then, there was bakugou.

He wanted to approach you, ask if you were okay, tell you that he knew you were lying when you said you were fine, but if no one else cared, neither did he. Now, he wishes he could show it. Show you that he cared. Show you, before all of this.

Then, that day came. The end of you month.

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Class 1-A took a field trip to the USJ. How could they? You fought well against the villains. You had been warped to the water zone with three others.Katsuki Bakugou,The infamous class 1-A asshole.

Now,He normally would not so things like this. He only did things for one reason and one reason only,Himself. If it benefits him in any way,He will do it. But carrying through the villain attack did not. That was the reason you held on,For Bakugou Katsuki. Your crush. You obligated,No use fighting him.

You started drifting off,You needed rest,That was all. Bakugou was looking for an escapd,He saw your eyes close and panicked. He put you down. You did not respond,You were deep in sleep. Wake up! You were blushing,You could have sworn that steam was coming off your ears.

BNHA Imagines/One Shots ♥ — “why me?” -Katsuki Bakugou imagine

He looked at you,No malice,No nothing. When both of you finnaly made it to the safe place,He laid you down gently and sat besides you. He did not make contact with you whatsoever. You fell asleep a few minutes later,A comfy pillow below you,or so you thought. Bakugou looked at you with so much anger,but did not wake you up.

Sleeping in his lap…His dream has come true. Why do I feel like I have to protect him.? He wanted to sleep…Nobody was around…He closed his eyes as he fell asleep.

Originally posted by bnhasource. It's a me,Gay Tm. Protect him[Bakugou Katsuki x Male! Reader] Katsuki Bakugou,The infamous class 1-A asshole. Bakugou was looking for an escapd,He saw your eyes close and panicked "Hey,Idiot! Long time since I wrote Bakugou,I hope you enjoyed!You could sing like an angel. Your voice could bring thousands of people dancing and jumping with excitement and happiness, or you could bring them on their knees raving mad.

The rain was falling onto the umbrella over your head. Pit, pat. The rain goes, peaceful and rhythmical, unlike your thundering heart. You slowly comb your fingers through his hair, for once you did it without running away from him.

His face was set in a frown, his eyes shut tightly, and your heart felt like it was breaking from the inside as you stared at him. Tears start to fall down your cheeks, slowly dampening the ash-blond hair you were trying so hard to keep from getting wet. Why do I feel this way? Why, after everything that you have done to me, why do I still feel like giving myself up for you? His friends started to laugh at you as you hastily hurry to pick up your books up from the ground.

You had dropped them when you heard him call out your name, both from fright and embarrassment. He picked up a notebook of yours and held it smugly in his hands. A notebook full of songs and drawings from the dumb, quirkless shit? Only heroes last in this world. So don't waste your time on some stupid hobby. He lets go of you and walks away still clutching the slightly burnt notebook in his hands, his friends closely following him. Why did you fall for him when you knew that it was impossible?

The bully and the bullied. Never was going to happen. Slowly, the blood started to pool around the floor, gushing from the slashes in your arms. The pain was numb, and you felt peaceful for the first time.

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Today was the worst day of your life. The boy you had loved, the one who you knew would never love you back, confirmed all the bad things your friends said about the boy.


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